BIP: Episode 2

We were spoiled last week, with an Abigail-centric episode. This one is all about the drama, of which Abigail thankfully continues to steer clear.

The Love Boat-style intro is cheesy yet perfect. The lyrics are from “Footloose.”

The drama starts with Demi’s arrival. She looks like Pot Stirrer Barbie. She uses her date card on Brendan. While they’re off jet skiing and making out, the rest of the group is aghast to discover that Brendan and Pieper (who isn’t on the show…yet) had a relationship prior to BIP.

Ironically, Abigail’s the one who points out that it’s like a game of telephone; everyone has a different version of the story. She could very well be talking about what it’s like to follow a conversation when deaf. Or even what it’s like lipreading something out of context.

Demi and Brendan return from their date separately, because she essentially asked him to be exclusive and he wants to keep his options open. While they discuss their situation, everyone else can’t help but watch from a distance. Two quick glimpses of Abigail doing so made me wonder if she was trying to lipread them. I certainly would! Missed opportunity there, ABC!

Victoria P., who looks like Plastic Surgery Barbie, also instigates drama. Known for being manipulative, she pretends she’s into James for the rose. But according to Tammy and Kelsey, she has an aspiring country singer boyfriend back home, and her ultimate goal is to get him airtime.

At the first Rose Ceremony, host David Spade calls out Noah (Abigail’s current boo) for his Miami Vice look. Just like on Bachelor, there’s a cocktail party before the Rose Ceremony, only this time the non-coupled up girls are rose chasing.

There’s a brief scene with Abigail and Noah, in which Noah tells Abigail to make eye contact when they clink drinks. “You just want to look in my eyes? How romantic!” she tells him. He tells the camera that he’s in a good place with her.

During the Rose Ceremony, Abigail is in the back (second) row again, like she was on the Bachelor. Why‽ She should be front and center, or whatever the prime lipreading/listening position is – not in the back on the far left!

Noah is second to give out a rose. He looks right at Abigail when he says her name. She tells the camera that she’s really surprised at how quickly they’re forming a relationship, and that she’s excited to keep it going.

Since Victoria P. left on her own prior to the Rose Ceremony because Tammy and Kelsey told James on her, only three women are eliminated. James is the wild card, and he picks *gasp!* Demi instead of Kelsey.

Tonight’s episode has Lance Bass as the host, and the arrival of villain Thomas from Katie’s season. Just like Connor’s unbuttoned shirts, we don’t need either.