Sh*t happens

This is what happens when you’re deaf.

While packing for a trip over Labor Day weekend, you open the upstairs closet to get something. After lunch, you realize you haven’t seen your cat for a while. Come to think of it, you thought it was unusual that she didn’t come when she heard certain sounds. You wonder if you should check on her, but shrug it off, telling yourself she’s ok.

After your family arrives home mid-afternoon, your daughter asks, “When’s the last time you opened the closet door?” You ponder this and honestly can’t remember. She repeats the question — more insistently each time — without telling you why she’s asking. Finally, it clicks in your head: You accidentally locked the cat in the closet! The guilt! The GUILT!! It feels like you’re being attacked by a gang of Jewish mothers!

So not only did you not hear the cat enter the closet during the oh-so-brief time you had the door open, but you failed to hear her meows, which your husband and daughter heard when they were upstairs. There’s consolation in the fact that this was discovered before you left town.

Unfortunately, because she was in the closet for so long, there was a telltale odor. Your husband looks for evidence but can’t find it, and you have to get on the road.

Fast forward to the day after your return. You feel like you’re being punished for your (accidental) negligence when you open the closet door to do some detective work. What they say about other senses being enhanced when one is missing is clearly true: You would so much rather be smelling freshly baked cookies, or quite frankly, even smelly socks. Finally, after pulling out towels and sheets, you find the buried treasure. Somehow it’s not as satisfying as a chest filled with gold.

Moral of the story: Listen to your instincts – no hearing devices needed!

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  1. I smelled everything and am washing the stuff that smelled/was near/on the treasure. More work for me!

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