Give in to the force, Luke!

The 24th season of The Amazing Race started almost a month ago. In this All Stars edition, one of my [dripping sarcasm] favorite [/end sarcasm] teams has returned – for the third time. Luke Adams and his mother Margie were first on Season 14, where they finished third. On the Unfinished Business season, they came in eighth. The preview for tomorrow night doesn’t look too good for this pair.

Luke ended up on my s*it list when he infamously stated on TAR that deaf people can do anything but talk. I was so incensed that I wrote about it. Any time someone with a disability is on TV, he or she is educating others, whether or not its intentional. In this case, Luke continues to perpetuate stereotypes about deaf people.

Ironically, on the current season, Luke has *gasp!* talked. Ok, it’s either a grunt or a “Mom!” but still.

He certainly hasn’t endeared himself to me with his other behaviors. He bullies his mother and drags her with him everywhere. As my (hearing) daughter put it: “If I didn’t know you or anyone who was deaf, I’d still find Luke annoying…He depends on his mom too much even though he’s too old.”

Luke also gets upset and frustrated easily, and is known for his tantrums. Looks like there’s another one coming… But not from me if he gets eliminated.