Argh or Ag – it’s all a matter of perspective!

While washing my hands, I looked up.

Whoa. Who was that person in the mirror?

Not only was I having a good hair day [PAUSE to acknowledge this momentous occasion], BUT my hair was showing more silver. When did that happen?

It's there, I promise!
It’s there, I promise!

Because my hair is curly, the silver strands blend in easily. But now they’re multiplying. I have short ones, long ones, and now I even have silver framing my face. It can look more or less obvious depending on the lighting.

I’m actually ok with the silver – for now. I reserve the right to change my mind when my hair is predominantly covered with it. I know some women who look gorgeous with their silver hair. With my luck, I’ll just look drab. Or maybe it’ll set off my blue eyes…

People always think I look younger than I really am, so maybe that’s one reason why the silver doesn’t bother me. I would rather not be thought of as my husband’s daughter (yes, that happened).

Some call it white, gray, or even grey. But I like silver; it sounds classy and chic.

On a recent trip out of the country, I saw multiple women who sported a cool purple streak in their silver hair. I like that; it’s all about the attitude. And I’ve got plenty. Someday I guess I’ll have even more!