Our windows (over 42 of them!) have been cleaned, the screens are in, the cat is trying to figure out which sill she prefers, and the fresh air is filled with sounds of birds and… wait? What was that? Whining, crying, and bickering? Those don’t fit with this lovely tableau!

School ended over three days ago. On the second day, my son dared to utter the two most despised words in this house: “I’m bored!” There’s only so much screen time I’ll allow the kids. Despite the many toys and books they have, each summer I remind them that I didn’t have technology when I was a kid. I used *gasp* my imagination!

I understand wanting to revel in homework-free days without an alarm clock. Except my kids don’t have the ability to sleep in. Apparently they also lack the ability to process a parental request. After telling my daughter several times to clean up her stuff from the kitchen shelves, she gave me an eye roll and a “Stop, Mom!”

Maybe there’s hope. She just informed me that she’s going to change, do her chores, and then maybe she’ll tackle the shelves… Here’s hoping she does, and that we all survive the summer!